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Australia's classic sights are worth the journey all by themselves -- from the Sydney Opera House to Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef to Bondi Beach. Beyond these grand destinations, Australia is a country crying out to be explored. Its seemingly never-ending Outback is steeped in Aboriginal history, while the tropical rainforests of Queensland are home to brashly colored birds and other creatures. The far west and north are vast, sparsely populated and spectacular, a magnet for those looking to get off the beaten track. Sydney's huge natural harbor is a playground for city dwellers, while Melbourne's food and coffee scenes are a match for anywhere in Europe and North America.


New Zealand

New Zealand's dazzling landscapes are made even more alluring because so few people are around to make them feel crowded. With only 4.6 million people inhabiting islands that cover the same space as the UK, its North and South Islands are a traveler's dream. Everything is geared up for visitors, from plush campsites to perfect roads. Highlights include a trek along one of its nine Great Walks, from the otherworldly Kepler Track to the volcanic Tongariro Northern Circuit. Or learning about the country's Maori past. Then there's exploring Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, cities that have a wonderful small-town charm.


                            Departure: 20 - 25 February 2020

                             Departure: 24 - 29 March 2020


                  Departure: 24 - 29 March 2020


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