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Booking Procedures

  1. How will I make a booking?

    You may click the "Book Now" botton and it will lead you into our online booking form. You need to fill out the following:

    1. Your name and contact number.
    2. Title of your choosen tour package
    3. Date of the intend travel
    4. Complete passport or valid ID name/s

    Or you may send all those details thru our web form that can be found in our contact us section.

  2. What will I do next after I place a booking?

    Once your tour package is confirmed by us, it is a book & buy arrangement. Payment is required. We accept major credit cards (Visa & Mastercard with up to 4.5% merchant fee)

    Another way for paying your tour package is thru the following:

    1. BDO online bank transfer or over-the-counter deposit
    2. Paypal (With up to 4.5% merchant fee)
    3. Payment in our physical office

    Please note tour cost is subject to applicable change fees or cancellation penalties.

  3. What documents do I need to prepare for my visa application?

    Visa requirements vary from one embassy to another for our International tour packages. Our professional tour consultant will send you an up to date and complete visa requirements required in your choosen package tour.

  4. Do I require to pay full payment even if my visa has not come out yet from the embassy?

    Yes. Please remember that your visa processing has nothing to do with your tour package booking. Regardless you're visa has come out from the embassy or still currently on process by the embassy, your payment schedule will not be change.

  5. My visa has been denied, what will I do?

    Depending on embassy's denial letter sent directly to you if you can possibly appeal on their decision or may require by them to re-apply again in the future.

    Since embassy has no responsibility with any cancellations and penalties incurred in your tour package booking, visa and service fees are non-refundable. Terms and conditions stated on your tour package apply (eg. cancellation penalties and other non-refundable fees).

  6. Where will I make my payment?

    In all cases, payment should be done thru bank deposit, bank transfer or ideally in our office. Our tour consultant will furnish you with our bank details which then you can email us copy of your deposit slip.

    Other way is to pay directly in our office.

  7. Is your website tour price "ALL IN"?

    Those were our starting tour price. In all cases "extra or additional" charges are apply such as visa assistance and service fees, airline taxes and surcharges and credit card surcharges when paying using your credit cards.

    Note: Total tour price depends on your travel date as there is what we call "lean season and peak season" on travel.

  8. Do you accept US Dollars only?

    No. We both accept US Dollars and Philippine Peso. Exchange rate will be based on the current rate of exchange by airlines at the time you make deposit for your tour package.

  9. How much credit card surcharge additional would there be if using my credit card?

    Most of credit card company is charging us merchant fees of up to 4.5% on your purchases using your credit cards.

  10. How will I get my travel documents and ready to go?

    All your travel documents such as tour voucher and electronic ticket will be mail or email to you at your preference.

  11. Will there be an orientation before I go?

    Yes. We will discuss to you all necessary informations relating to your package tour which includes the do's and dont's while, during and after your tour.

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