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Terms and Conditions

  • Agreement concerning Travel Arrangement Services

    This Agreement concerning Travel Arrangement Services (hereinafter called this "Agreement") is made and entered into by and between (The Travel Agent) (herein called the "Client") and SRV Travel Services (hereinafter called "Tour Operator"). The parties hereto hereby agree as follows.

    Part I. Purpose
    The purpose of this agreement is to promote and expand business through cooperation between the parties, clarify the scope of services that the Client requests Tour Operator to perform, and expressly define the responsibility of each party towards travelers who are the customers of the Client (hereinafter called the "Client's Customers").

    Part II. Travel Arrangement Services
    2.1. At the request of the Client, Tour Operator shall perform the following services within the territory set forth below.
          Territory: Australia, New Zealand & Guam
    2.1.1. To enter into contracts concerning the provision of travel services such as transportation, accommodation, attractions, food & beverages and other tourism services (hereinafter called the "Travel Services") in Tour Operator name and on the Client's behalf with travel service providers such as transportation, accommodation, attractions, food & beverages (hereinafter called the "Travel Service Providers") so that the Client's Customers can receive such Travel Services within the territory (hereinafter called the "Reservation Arrangements"0)
    2.1.2. To provide interpretation and tour or driver guide services.
    2.1.3. To confirm the Reservation Arrangements, act as an agent to carry out necessary procedures, and negotiate with the Travel Service Providers so that the Client's Customer can receive the Travel Services according to the travel plan of the Client.

    2.2. If the Client has a tour conductor escort a travel, Tour Operator shall perform the services set forth in Part II according to the instructions of such tour conductor. 

    Part III. use of Agent for Travel Arrangement Services
    In the course of performing the services set forth in Part II (hereinafter called the "Travel Arrangements"), Tour Operator may have another agent carry out all or part of the Travel Arrangements subject to  the consent of the Client.

    Part IV. Duty of Care, Confidential Information and Non-Disclosure of Personal Information
    4.1. Tour Operator shall carry out Travel Arrangements set forth in Part II with the duty of due care and diligence of a good manager in accordance with this Agreement, following the Client's instructions.
    4.1.2. Neither party shall disclose the Client's trade secrets and other business information of a confidential nature.
    4.1.3. Neither party shall perform any act in violation of the laws and regulations within the relevant territory in connection with and in the course of implementing the Travel Arrangements. In addition, neither party shall encourage or facilitate any act performed by the client's Customers that violates applicable laws and regulations.
    4.1.4. Tour Operator shall not disclose personal information such as customer information obtained while carrying out arrangements for the Client to any third party other than the organizations for which disclosure is necessary in order to carry out such arrangements. The term "personal information" means any and all information on an individual, including all information that identifies that relevant individual by reference to such descriptions as the "name", "age", "date of birth", and "address", and such symbols as the "code number" and "password", as well as the "picture", "voice", "fingerprint", "palm print", and others contained in the relevant information.
    4.1.5. The provisions for handling the trade secrets and other business information of a confidential nature, and personal information shall survive the expiration or terminal of the effective term set forth in Part V.

    Part V. Terms of Agreement
    This Agreement shall be in effect for the period commencing on (Customer Signed the Contract) and ending on (After a year); provided that this Agreement also shall apply to any travel that us to take place after the expiration or termination of this Agreement as long as the Reservation Arrangements contract concerned has already come into effect pursuant to Part VIII during the effective term of this Agreement. This Agreement shall be renewed for additional one (1) year periods each unless either party notifies the other party in writing of a revision or refusal to renew this Agreement at least one (1) month prior to the expiration of this Agreement, excluding the case set forth above.

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